Duncan Yo-Yo Spinning Top Tournament Recreation Kit


Store Location: Las Vegas - West
Duncan Yo-Yo Spin Top Tournament set from the 1960's. There are a bunch of really cool things in this box. All of the literature has a curve to it because of the size of the box and how it was packaged. You get the "tournament sign up" poster which has creases from being folded in fourths. The spin top target board which has some staining on the back, the front is great. Also there are 20 sheets of paper (the same thing on each one) that show a bunch of different tricks, some have some very minor stains but still really nice. Next up, and the coolest thing in my opinion are the patches you get for placing in the tournament. There are 4 bronze, 4 silver and 4 gold place finish patches. Also included are the tops one seems to have been pushed into the other as seen in the last photo. Hard to find set and a great collectors piece.